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Southwold became something of a second home for DaisyMay and we were truely honoured to be involved with the "Southwold Community Quilt" project of 2014. It was one of our most challenging long-arm projects. Here are a some pictures for you to enjoy.

The stars of this project were the ladies that had the extraordinary vision and talent to create such an amazing quilted record of Southwold in 2014. Led by Susie Yates they were:


Dorothy Midson, Ruby Ormerod, Susan Barratt Kelly, Jean White, Louise Sida, Jo Webster, Pam Hallworth, Janet Cochrane, Elisa Esteve, Val Abrehart, Gillie Grace, Lesley Roberts, Sara Farrands, Pat Wernham, Marion Mills, Jenny Whines, Gaye Nash, Mandy Stephens, Thelma Tasker, Bev Harrison, Annette Naylor, Gail Robb, and Melanie Betts.


Photos can't do justice to this quilt - if you find out it's being exhibited, go along - you won't be disappointed! We'll add a note to our news feed if we find details.

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