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Quilt Preparation

The good news is that if we longarm your quilt, all you have to focus on is the patchwork top. There's no sandwiching layers together or squaring up - we take care of that.


There are a few simple things we'd recommend though: 


  • Please press items and ensure seams are flat.
    Whilst we do iron tops and backings before quilting, it's only a light pressing.

  • Snip loose thread ends.
    We'll happily remove the odd loose thread from a quilt top. However, there's little we can do about those on the underside and these can easily show through lighter fabrics.

  • Please label the top edge of your quilt and backing if the orientation is important.  


  • If you wish to supply your own wadding, check it's suitable for longarm quilting.
    If in doubt, look for a needle punched wadding with a scrim as this will prevent bleed through.

  • Any wadding or backing must measure at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top i.e. leave 4 inches all round.

  • A stay stitch is not essential - but it's a good idea on any pieced top to prevent edges stretching and is especially important on bias edges (triangles!) or pieced borders. Stay stitch approx 1/8" from the edge.


  • We'll tack stitch the edge of your quilt top to secure it.  Your binding should cover this stitching - if you do find it shows, then simply use that stitch ripper to make it disappear!


  • We will square your quilt at no extra cost, just let us know what size - 1/4", 1" or 2".


Finally, we like to add pictures of our customers' quilt to our gallery. If you do not want your quilt to appear, please let us know.

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