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Quilting Services


If you have a patchwork that needs quilting then talk to us at Daisy May. Whether you have a specific quilting style in mind or are just looking for inspiration, we can guide you through our longarm services and find the right solution for you.


If you're able, why not arrange a visit? It'll save on postage! Either way, we're confident that our friendly service, experience, passion for quilting, and world class equipment will deliver results you can treasure for life.

Edge to Edge is generally the simplest and least expensive service. The pattern repeats across the quilt and from top to bottom.

At DaisyMay, we are able to adjust the size and shape of designs so that they fit neatly onto the quilt. Where possible, we also interlace edge to edge designs as this creates a superior and more integrated overall look.

Custom Quilting involves quilting designs onto specific areas of a quilt taking into account factors such as the piecing. In its simplest form, a single design is applied to each quilt block. More intensive customisation may require multiple designs to be fitted to blocks of different size and shape. In some circumstances, it may also be necessary to mask certain areas from quilting so as to preserve special details.

Borders and Corners

Many quilts can be enhanced by adding a border and in some cases multiple borders. At DaisyMay, we have border designs and corner blocks to accompany many patterns.



We can square up your quilt, attach your binding, mitre corners and even hand finish with concealed stitches.


Piecing Backing

If your backing is not wide enough for the quilt and you would like us to join it.

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Quilting on a standard sewing machine is fraught with difficulty-you must manoeuvre three layers of fabric and work in a tight space!


To overcome this, a longarm quilting machine has a much larger bridge and the sewing head moves instead of the fabric. Patterns can be sewn free-hand or traced from design templates.


Modern computer controls even allow designs to be scaled and shaped. This is great for getting patterns to fit perfectly on to the quilts or for picking out specific features on a top.

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